Austin Air HM-250 Air Purifier Review

Product Name:Austin Air HM250
Brand:Austin Air
Filter Type:HEPA, Carbon/Zeolite with Potassium Iodide
Max Room Size:700 sq.ft.
Warranty:5 Years Mechanical Warranty
Filter Cost:$209.99
Filter Frequency:5 Years
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The Austin Air HM-250 is one of the most recommended air purifiers by medical professionals for patients who have problems with allergies. This model features the use of a medical grade True HEPA filter, which eliminates as much as 99.97% of airborne germs. In addition, it includes a secondary carbon and zeolite with potassium iodide filter which is extremely effective in removing odors and gasses. Probably the best feature that this model has is the 360-degree intake system which draws air from every side of the machine, allowing complete and maximum air cleaning.


4 Stage Filtration Technologies


Permafilt Pre-Filter

Stage 1: Large Particle Pre-filter

This is a reusable and cleanable pre-filter which removes particles which are large enough to be seen by the naked eyes, for example, human hair, dust, and pet dander. This Stage 1 pre-filter is easy to maintain by simply vacuuming it clean once a month to ensure quality filtration. Over time, you can also replace this filter as a set together with the HEPA filter.


Main HEPA Filter

Stage 2: Medium Particle Pre-filter

The medium filter removes medium size particles including mold, spores, and pollen.


Stage 3: 6.5 lbs of Carbon/Zeolite with Potassium Iodide

The Activated Carbon/Zeolite with Potassium Iodide is highly effective in absorbing unwanted odors, gasses, and dangerous chemicals (VOCs) in your home. The Potassium Iodide acts as an additional filter which kills any other odor that the Carbon is unable to remove. This super blend of Carbon and Potassium Iodide makes the HM-250 a perfect choice for those who have allergies to chemicals.


Stage 4: 30Sq ft Certified True HEPA Filter Media

This is a medical-grade true HEPA filter which takes out 99.97% of all particles that are any larger than 0.3 microns. This HEPA filter can last up to 5 years, making this machine one of the most cost-friendly air purification systems on the market.


Austin Air HM 250

Features That Matter

This medical grade air cleaning device includes numerous impressive features that make it a superior choice among similar air cleaning appliances. This model has a 360-degree air intake and 3 fan speeds, which allows users to change the settings depending on the current cleaning demand. The 360 degrees air intake means that every part of the room gets clean air at all times. The machine is made of premium steel with a perforated design. This ensures that the product is safe.


Austin Air HM-250 vs. Austin Air HM-450

Austin Air is always known for creating machines that provide reliable performance. The Austin Air HM-450 is what you need if you are looking for heavy duty air purifier performance. It cleans up to 400 cubic feet of air every minute, best for larger rooms. It costs much more compared to Austin Air HM-250 but will provide the necessary cleaning power if you have a big family, or your home is a located in a highly polluted area. The Austin Air HM-250 is a reliable machine if you have small to medium indoor space, and features the same four levels of air filtration. The HM-250 is also more compact and lighter compared to HM-450.

Should I Buy Austin Air HM-250?

If you are looking for a high-performance air purifier for a small to medium room, the Austin Air HM-250 is a good pick. Its cost is justified due to its ability to help you save more over time and because of its superb rating within the medical field. Since it comes with 4 filter levels with a cleanable permafilt layer, you don’t need to change your HEPA filter regularly. In fact, HEPA filters for Austin Air HM-250 can last up to 5 years.  This is a top of the line unit and the perfect option for busy households or office spaces where the indoor air quality is a prime concern.


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