A Look at the Honeywell HHT270W Tabletop Air Purifier

Product Name:Honeywell HEPAClean Tabletop Air Purifier
Filter Type:HEPA
Max Room Size:85 sq ft
Warranty:3 yr limited
Filter Cost:$10
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Note: This replaces our previous review of the HHT-011 as that model is no longer available and this is the newer, comparable model made by Honeywell.

The Honeywell HHT270W is the ultimate in compact air purification systems. If you are looking for something that will sit on or next to your desk at the office or in pretty much any corner of a medium sized room in your house then you should definitely consider this model. It has a rating of removing 99% of mold, pollen, pet dander, dust, and smoke in small spaces or rooms.  This is a bit lower than most full sized air purifiers on the market but that rating is only for the main HEPA filter.

Three Stage Filtering

The unique dual-action filter means you will get the benefit of activated carbon as well as a HEPA filter without having to purchase/maintain multiple filters.  The HEPA filter removes particles from the air while the activated carbon layer helps to remove common household odors.  Over time, as you vacuum and dust a few times, this will result in a much cleaner home altogether and will result in less dust on your surfaces as well.

Compact and Portable

Also, another benefit of the Honeywell HHT270W is it’s small size. It can quickly and easily be relocated to any room in your home or office space since it only weighs in at 5.9 lbs. It is easily hidden out of the way in any room and you will barely notice it is there because it is so quiet with its three speed settings. It is best suited to rooms 85 sq ft in size but could work in slightly larger rooms.


Maintenance is fairly simple with this unit as well. It has a replaceable dual-action HEPA filter with a light indicator on the display to notify you when it needs to be replaced. The HEPA filters should be replaced with genuine Honeywell replacement filter to ensure the best performance. Also, the unit itself comes with a 3 year limited warranty.

What People Are Saying

In addition to my research and testing, I also like to see what other people are saying about an air purifier before I make the recommendation to my readers.  This is a newer and improved version of the HHT-011 and there is not much feedback out there yet for such a new model but the feedback that is there is overwhelmingly positive. I also saw countless reviews for the previous model with people saying it was very effective at relieving their allergies or asthma symptoms. Most say the lowest fan setting is very quiet and perfect for sleeping time. The other fan settings are more noticeable but can be mostly utilized during the day or when you are not in the room that it is working in.

Of the many reviews I found, there were a few that recommended more frequent maintenance to keep the unit from getting clogged with dust. If you are in a particularly dusty environment, it will be helpful to occasionally wipe down the exterior of the unit or gently use a vacuum near the filter just to remove any excess dust and prevent it from clogging.  As long as you take care of it, this appliance should be keeping your room safe with healthy, breathable air for many years.

Should I Buy the Honeywell HHT270W?

With the price for this air purifier under $100 and it being so compact and lightweight, this is a great unit to buy even for those that already have air purifiers in their homes. Hundreds of people have bought this units predecessor and given positive reviews and there are thousands more satisfied customers. This is an excellent buy for anyone with allergies, asthma, or just anyone looking to breathe cleaner air in their home or office.


Learn More about the Honeywell Tabletop Air Purifier

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