Blueair Classic 605 HepaSilent Air-Purification System Complete Review

Product Name:BlueAir 605
Filter Type:HEPA, SmokeStop
Max Room Size:800 sq. ft.
Filter Cost:$79.95
Filter Frequency:6 months
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BlueAir 605 Air Purifier is among the top rated models from the premium brand, BlueAir. The brand is known for its quality construction and excellent performance which makes it a best-selling brand in this product category. This model is packed with robust and excellent features. Check out why many customers love this brand and model.


HEPASilent Technology

The BlueAir 605 Air Purifier is a manually-switched device which means that there are no electronic sensors and you simply adjust the unit using the 4 different control options. The device uses patented HEPASilent technology that can effectively capture 99.97% particles (0.1 microns) to give you cleaner air. It is designed for rooms up to 800 sq. ft. which makes it a suitable choice for everyone.  A SmokeStop activated carbon filter can also be added in order to remove odors caused by smoke, pets, food and more.

BlueAir 503 Internal ComponentsRobust and Capable Filtration

This model sports an impressively high CADR or Cleaning Air Delivery Rate as tested by the Association of Home Appliance Manufacturers. The device has a CADR rating of 350 which is an excellent mark. Such a high rating indicates that it has exceptional cleaning capacity to reduce dust, smoke, and pollen. The machine does an excellent job in removing pollen and cigarette smoke even when you have it on low setting. Its filter design features 3 layers of electrostatic filters and with spaces in its polypropylene fibers, the device can target and capture even small particles. Then again, it is also important to note that CADR ratings do not show effectiveness on chemicals and odors. Luckily, as previously mentioned, you can easily add an activated carbon filter to eliminate food, pet, and cigarette smells if needed.

Integrated Wifi Technology

One of the latest features being added to home appliances is the ability to connect them to WiFi so that everything can be controlled from your phone or tablet device whether you are in the same room or in a different state.  Being connected to your home network means you can change the fan speed, set child lock, schedule settings and more from the Blueair Friend app.  If you have Alexa devices, it gets even better.  The Blueair 605 is fully compatible with Alexa voice controls and IFTT.

Ease of Use and Maintenance

It is quite easy to use and to operate this small-appliance. Weighing in around 31 pounds and with its caster wheels, you won’t have any difficulty moving it around. How about its maintenance? Just like other units, you need to change the filter every 6 months, and this doesn’t consume much of your time. There’s also a filter change timer, so you know when it is time to replace the filter.  This ensures you always have a functional filter installed.

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Low Noise

Another thing that you will like about this product is its quiet operation. In fact, even while using the highest speed setting, the sound level is not overbearing and for the low setting, it barely noticeable. It still produces sounds just like any other devices or appliances in a home, but it is not so loud that it would disturb your sleep at night.


BlueAir 605 vs. BlueAir 203

In terms of power, performance and size, the 605 is much bigger and more powerful. However, if you are searching for something a bit smaller for a room with a bit less space, the BlueAir 203 is a good fit. It is just 25 pounds with dimensions 21 x 17 x 18 in which makes it a very portable device. The 203 has a CADR of 165 cubic feet per minute with 5 air changes in an hour.  It does not include the WiFi connectivity but is a great lower budget option for smaller rooms. For bigger spaces, the BlueAir 605 is still king!

Should You Buy the BlueAir 605 Air Purifier?

The BlueAir 605 is a higher end system. When examining the features and specs, you can conclude that it offers plenty of power when it comes to capturing harmful particles to provide you with cleaner air. This product is full of top of the line technology used for efficient air cleaning. This air purifier may be priced a bit higher than others, but considering its design and build, its overall performance, and the filtration coverage, the BlueAir 605 could be the perfect choice for any home or office space.


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