About Clean Air Chick

Clean-Air-ChickHey everyone, Melissa – the Clean Air Chick here!  This site was born out of a frustration I was having with battling the air quality in my home.  Now, indoor air quality is not typically something most of us think a lot about but as a parent, I was struggling to keep my family well and out of the doctors office.  My youngest son was experiencing worsening asthma symptoms and the doctor suggested trying to keep my home as dust and pet dander free as possible.

So with that goal in mind I went on a cleaning spree through my home.  I washed curtains, dusted all the surfaces, changed filters in our HVAC system and vacuumed the floors frequently but all these things seemed to do nothing but stir up the dust, allergens, and other contaminants.  My son’s asthma symptoms seemed to be worse than ever!

That’s when I decided to begin searching for an air purifier.  With all of the air cleaners on the market, I quickly became overwhelmed with all of the options.  But with my child’s health in mind I dug in and began researching the different models.  I learned that different units are better for filtering different types of contaminants from the air.  After an exhaustive search, and learning much about air purifiers I finally settled on several different models for the different areas within our home.  It worked very well, relieving many of his symptoms within days.  It worked so well that I bought units for the office and even for the car.  I had no idea how much the air we breathe makes a difference in the way we feel and our health.  Every member of the family seems to get sick less frequently and have virtually no allergy symptoms any longer.

My mission as the Clean Air Chick is to help other individuals and families cut their research time and easily find the most beneficial air purifiers for their home or office.  Got questions?  I’ve done a ton of research and would love to help out. Simply visit my contact us page and I’ll reply as soon as possible.