Top 3 Air Purifiers To Remove Dust

When it comes to taking care of your family, every little detail is important. This includes making sure that your home is thoroughly clean and conducive for living. To remove or lessen the amount of dust in your home, you need to make sure you clean and vacuum regularly. It is also recommended to use a good air purifier that can remove dust effectively.


Dangers of Dust


Dust particles usually vary in size and can sometimes be either visible or invisible to the eyes. Smaller dust particles tend to travel far and can stay in the air for long periods of time. Large dust particles are typically trapped in the nose and mouth and can be easily removed from the body without causing any harm. Smaller dust particles, however, may penetrate deep into the lungs. Some ultra-fine dust particles can even be absorbed into the blood stream.


Dust particles that are small enough may cause problems when inhaled. For example, irritation to the eyes, sneezing, coughing, hayfever, and asthma attacks. Take note, for people who suffer from respiratory conditions like emphysema, asthma, and chronic obstructive airway disease, even a small increase of dust in the air may trigger symptoms.

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Removing Dust From Your Home Safely


Removing dust from your home should be a priority, especially if you are concerned about your family’s health. Here are some of the best tips to follow to ensure good indoor air quality at all times.


CleanAirChick recommends that you get an air purifier that comes with a HEPA filter. HEPA stands for High-Efficiency Particulate Arrestance filter. These filters are extremely efficient in removing dust, dust mites, pollen, pet dander and other particles that are known allergens. An air purifier that includes a HEPA filter is capable of removing unwanted large or small dust particles. You can also easily change the filter at the recommended intervals for that model in order to ensure that it’s efficiency is not reduced.


Top 3 Best HEPA Air Purifier To Remove Dust


Winix 5500-2 True HEPA Purifier – Winix 5500-2 promises to blend both high technology and cleaning efficiency. It utilizes a 3 stage filtration system which removes all kinds of allergens in your air. It comes with a carbon pre-filter, HEPA filter to take out dust and allergens, and a Plasma Wave technology which breaks apart chemical vapors in your air. This combination of 3 filters is highly effective in taking out dust in your home from large to the smallest particles.


This system comes in with a powerful 243 CADR (Clean Air Delivery Rate) for dust one of the highest in the industry and an improvement over their previous model. It can also work reliably in rooms 360 sq. ft. or smaller. To ensure that you have efficient filter system this model comes with an indicator to let you know when it is time to change the filters.  This gives the peace of mind of knowing that the unit is always working hard to rid your home of dust and other contaminants.


Whirlpool Whispure Air HEPA Air Cleaner – when it comes to air cleaning, Whispure is something that every home should consider. It comes with a powerful 3 stage filtration system which can easily catch large and small particles, whether dust, allergens, pollen, and pet dander. The unit comes with a grill which captures large particles. Then comes a second charcoal (carbon) filter which catches any large particles and will clean the air of any unwanted odors. The HEPA filter takes out as much as 99.97% of particles in the air.


Whispure measures in with a CADR of 315, one of the best in the industry. This is the best choice of air purification system if you have large rooms. This model can easily clean rooms as much as 500 sq. ft. so for homes that have bigger floor area, this is your best option.


Rabbit Air MinusA2 SPA-780A offers special features for homes that need powerful cleaning action. It comes with a tower like and a sleek design. Rabbit Air comes with an advanced 6 stage filtration system which is a stand-out compared to any other air purifier in the market today. This model comes with a BioGS HEPA Filter an extremely effective deodorizer and filtration system. Using this 6 stage filters, this model can work in rooms as big as 815 sq.ft.


Rabbit Air MinusA2 SPA-780A comes with an CADR of 200 making it a good choice if you are worried about dust and other allergens in your indoor air.  As an added bonus it is also an exceptional option for removing polution, pet odors, allergens, and other contaminants.


When it comes to clean air, there are plenty of options for your home or office. These models mentioned above are some of the best in the market today. Nonetheless, there are also plenty of other good air purifiers, check out our reviews today.

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